It is like we have got a daily routine here in San Francisco. This morning Ida and I washed clothes and hang them up to dry on a string in front af the cars. Then we walked over to a shopping mall near the trailer park and got grocceries while Hjalte was on the phone with Soeren back in Denmark. In the afternoon we met with members of Electro Auto Association, the key grass-roots organisation for promoting and practical use of electric vehicles. Very nice people with many stores and experiences to share with us about the not always easy struggle to pave the way for electric vehicles in the world’s no 1 car country. Some of the guys had used electric cars and motorbikes for 20-30 years. They do not think the great break-through for EVs just around the corner in America. But there are many EV-enthusiasts in California and all over the USA. Rain poured down on the 50 miles back to Trailer Haven. An endless stream of red and white carlights sparkled when I drove the cart home through darkness and rain. Tomorrow we drop off the big RV and continue in Gereen Car. There is a long way to New York! WE ARE NOW UP-DATING THE BLOG - STAY TUNED! Hjalte

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