Starting from Denmark, June 25, 2010 adventurers Hjalte Tin and Nina Tin Rasmussen have crossed Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Mongolia, China, USA, Spain, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany. They  completed the record-setting round the world tour on May 7, 2011. Arriving as planned in Copenhagen, the Moto Mundo team was greeted at the city hall at a welcome event arranged by the Electro-mobility Technology Organization, E-TO; a new association founded in Denmark to support and finance development of electric vehicles and electric motorsport.  

They drove a Qashqai Electric developed and produced by AfutureEV in Denmark. The car is 100% electric. The Moto Mundo World Electric Tour was the ultimate test of electric car range, durability and performance. The World Electric Tour have encountered extreme conditions from endless Siberian highways, Gobi-desert heat, wild traffic in China and freezing US winter. Highlights of the tour have been joining the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, the Motor Show in Detroit and finishing 8 in the Monte Carlo Rally for electric cars.