50 men from Cirkus Knie were busy from early morning erecting tents, stables and enclosures for the animals. 10 lamas were grazing and horses were running around. On the campground a very friendly old man gave us a few melodies on his beautiful Alp-horn. The sound was surprisingly soft. We reached Sennwald and the Brusa factory, famous for high quality electric vehicle components. Arno Mathoy one of the founders received us very friendly and gave us a tour of the company. Everything was first class with many interesting inventions. Brusa has developed a range extender, a small petrol-engine built together with the electric motor, much more compact than the GM-Volt we saw in Detroit. Another brilliant invention is a second brake pedal controlling regenerative braking. Arno Mathoy, visionary electric vehicle developer and former racing-car driver, got a test-drive in Green Car. He took it up into the mountains to the most crazy, rocky downhill piste. Green Car performed impressively, even if the battery box a couple of times hit the rocks. We then tried the Brusa test-car. Ultra fast and better acceleration than a Tesla Roadster. "Electric cars should outperform petrol cars" said Arno with a smile and showed us how. We said goodbye and hope to keep in touch with Brusa. After a swing through Austria we entered Germany. Green Car got 380 V power at a big VW-workshop in Leutkirch, while we walked through the old town and found some nice green caps. After an Autobahn stop Green Car would not start. A bit alarmed we got Soeren on the satellite-phone. The problem was a burnt 12 V fuse protecting water-pump, vacuum-pump and inverter. We worked for 3 hours but could not detect a fault, changed the fuse and continued. After a long day of 282 km we came to the Stuttgart city camp ground long after midnight. We were lucky, and could open the closed gate and found a spot for the tent just outside a house with a drier we could disconnect and plug in Green Car.

Nina and Hjalte





Fully electric around the world

The Qashqai Electric is the first fully electric car driving around the world - with BRUSA chargers on board!

Nina Rasmussen and Hjalte Tin started in June 2010 with a Qashqai Electric on a world tour: From Denmark to Russia, Mongolia, China, USA and back to Europe. The car and its team were participating at the Rallye Monte-Carlo for Alternative Energy and shown at the EXPO2010 in Shanghai as well as at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The car was built by AfutureEV, Denmark.



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