I, Green Car, was dressed up almost like a real racing car. It was great fun to overtake the sports cars, even if it took some energy. It was all like a wonderful dream, especially the special stages where I could go full speed. The fir-trees shot past on the narrow curvy road with cliffs to one side and the free fall to the other side. I took care not to get a flat tire on the sharp rocks, but I could not stop speeding. I did not notice that the special stage had been shortened and I was loosing my temper when suddenly a learner's car blocked the road in front of me. And then it was just rolling back to Monaco in a leisurely tempo. At the Parc Ferme in Monaco the cars from the long three-day Rally for Alternative Energy cars were beginning to arrive. Mostly hybrid cars, but also cars on LPG-gas and bio-diesel. Four electric Tesla sports cars were the only electric cars competing in the long Rally. For me Green Car it was great to be in the company of so many different rally cars, more than 120. We were talking all night and I told about Asia and America, where none of the other cars had set their tires. The long rally was a success, even if a rock-slide had blocked the road, but fortunately nobody were harmed. 

All the best, Green Car

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