First we had to find power for Green Car. We found it in Monaco where the parking-garages now have charging points. There is a reserved spot and you pay for parking but not for power. Very nice for us, but the Monègasque seems still to prefer their Masseratis, Bentleys and Porches. We bought a stop-watch in a partly underground shopping centre and were ready for training the second part of the rally. It was now afternoon and rush-hour so it took long time to get out of cramped Monaco, and when we went up the steep mountains we crawled behind a lorry with stones. We took a few wrong turns and ran ten minutes behind the fixed time. The road got real narrow with nothing between the car and the free fall. I honked and braked before the blind bends. On the way down I rolled most of the way, braking as little as possible. Yes, we learned a lot and had a wonderful day with great views.


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