Night had fallen before we reached Cape Girardeau, a little town at the Mississippi in Missouri. The road got small and dark and we almost thought we had lost our way when we suddenly saw a large garage, where Jack Rickard welcomed us. Inside was light, warmth and a lot of space. In his TV-studio, that also served as work-shop a row of beautiful classic Porches were lined up all converted to electric drive by Jack. Every week Jack hosts a TV-program on the net on the world of electric propulsion and how to convert cars to electric drive. See www.EVTV.ME He was extremely knowledgeable on battery technology and how to control them - he had burned, smashed and mistreated them - and on the commercial prospects of electric cars - good on the long run. We hooked up Green Car next to the Porches and then Jack took us home to a big Sunday-family dinner in his fairytale house right at the Mississippi, built 130 years ago by a Mississippi steam-boat captain. Jack's wife, his daughter and grandson and his mother were there. We all were seated around a large round table and served a wonderful meal prepared by Jack's wife. USA cannot live without oil, Jack said, cheap oil and cheap transport underpin all parts of our lives. Hike the price to European levels and the American economy will break down. He predicted dramatic upheavals in the near future.

Nina and Hjalte

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