Green Car had not charged very much when we woke up at Pear Blossom Inn, despite being plugged in all night. 110 V is too weak and too slow, so we started the generator and enjoyed a slow breakfast in the sun outside the room. It was a nice spot with palms and a view of the mountains. We find it hard to understand it is so difficult to find good 220 volt in this country with a mega consumption of power. Everywhere we see air condition, soft drink vending machines, washers, dryers, neonlights, ice machines and so on for ever. And power-lines overhead. But how do we get access to all this power? It is as if it is locked away or diluted. After a late-day charging- and eating-break we continued on the freeways down the mountain and into Los Angeles. A breath-taking ocean of light engulfed us. Ida kept an eye on the GPS and the map as we descended into this crazy city. Late somewhere in a suburb we stopped for power at a gas-station. But we have never in any country got power from a gas-station - and neither did it work here. Again the generator was the answer. We sat in the car and listened to a crime-novel and lost track of the time. We finally arrived at Sam's Family Spa around midnight in Desert Hot Springs. Warm air, quiet, palms and power.

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