8 - 9. WE EAT A GOAT

In the afternoon Morten and Nina was sent ahead in the support car to reach the Chinese border before their bus to Beijing left. We hugged and waved. It was Hjalte's birthday, so when Mugdi returned with the support car we told him we would like to experience a real Mongolian meal. By chance and luck two gers stood not far away. Goats and sheep was milling around. A smiling old woman received us. Who should cook the diner? "Me!" said Mugdi. We went in his jeep and cached a goat. The goat was a birthday-present from Claus and Karen Elise. Mugdi killed the goat in the traditional Mongolian way cutting a slit in the belly of the goat and trusting in his hand and blocking blood to the heart. The goat was cut open and parted and not a drop of blood was spilt. Next came the cooking. It was done by putting meat and stones heated in fire in big pot with some water. 50 minutes later Mugdi could serve the best-tasting goat meat and offer us a toast of Mongolian vodka made by distilling fermented goat-milk. Smoke swirled around the tiny ger in the light of our small pocket lamp.  


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