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31 - 12. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Arkansas had Little Rock full of Clintoniania and a very subdued new years eve. Just as we entered Little Rock and braked for red light a lady pulled up, rolled down the window - "Is it really electric? Awesome! Welcome to Little Rock!" She guided us to the River Market, a municipal initiative, where people from all over the world sold home-cooked food. A Syrian woman served us falaffels and afterwards we drank strong coffee at another stall. Families had a good time and a Christmas-tree sparkled. The vibe was nice and relaxed. The world had gone forward since Little Rock was a synonym with racism and violence. At the motel in Prescott north of Little Rock TV showed the party at Times Square in New York. Nina had bought a bottle of champagne and two glasses and we toasted to the new year with New York. And an hour later we toasted again, now together with the party in Chicago and so we kept on toasting through all time-zones until LA. HAPPY NEW YEAR!




I, Green Car, is standing outside the motel and drawing power from Nina and Hjalte's room. I have now traveled 189 days with them. On the first 20.000 kilometers I have not really got to show what I can. To tell the truth they are afraid to kick the accelerator. They lumber round the world. But OK, the thing is to get far on each charge, and with an EV you have to drive slow to get there fast. Over by the flagpole two young guys fire rockets. And now I see Nina and Hjalte look out the window. They toast. From me too: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!

Green Car

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